Introduction to Japanese 1

I2JP1 (4).png

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Introduction to Japanese 1 is designed to teach the fundamentals of the Japanese language including: the background and composition of Japanese, proper pronunciation, and how to introduce yourself.

My style of teaching is very relaxed, so this won’t be a course where you feel like you’re listening to a robot talk! At the same time, that does mean that I won’t edit out my slip ups or even laughter. I want to have fun teaching, just as much as I want you to have fun learning.

What’s different about this course?

Most Japanese courses are designed to teach basic, textbook Japanese- with an occasional culture fact here-and-there. This Japanese course is designed to set you on a fast-track to start speaking real Japanese. I have achieved this in the past with my students by making my lessons relevant and fun, focusing on strengthening a foundation in proper pronunciation, as well as by building a strong vocabulary base.

My goal is to improve your confidence in your ability to learn and speak Japanese. At the same time, I want you to enjoy the journey to fluency.

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