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Maintaining this website and sharing my best tips and known information for studying Japanese are two of my favorite hobbies, which is why I’ve made most of the content I produce for PeraPeraDreams free. I will continue to work hard to create new content to post here, most of which will be free, but if you feel like my content has really helped you during your language journey, a tip is one way to let me know. I use the tips that I gather (along with the majority of any other money that I make from PeraPeraDreams) to maintain this site and subscriptions for tools that I use to create the unique materials that I post here.

Of course, tips are not the only way to express your appreciation for PPD or enjoyment of the content. Sharing my content with others, asking friends to sign up for Skillshare using my affiliate link [], or just sending me some kind words on Instagram are also things that make me smile and motivate me to keep making content to share with the world.

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