Basic Japanese 1


Basic Japanese 1 is the first course in the “Basic Japanese” series by Courtney R. In this course, I’ll be teaching from chapter 1 of the Genki textbook, including grammar, vocabulary, and culture points.  During each lesson, I break everything down using easy-to-understand jargon, then I follow up with examples and activities. At the end, there is a final exam that will require you to really put what you’ve learned to the test! This course is best suited for individuals that are new to the language.

The final project for this course consists of several options. In order to successfully learn each element of this course, including vocabulary, I strongly suggest making the effort to create example sentences. The best way to do this for a beginner is by taking sentences I’ve already given you and swapping out the words. Complete the attached workbook, post your example sentences (and questions) under the community tab for me to see, and make a flashcard set to study (even better, share the link to the deck under the community tab).

Basic JP1 Workbook