Maggie Sensei | Resource Review

What is Maggie Sensei

Maggie Sensei is a blog-style Japanese language website that was founded in 2008. The site is named after it’s primary sensei, Maggie. Lessons on the website range from Japanese culture, JLPT prep, kana, and grammar. One of the best features of this site is that you can request lessons on topics that are not currently posted.

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Maggie Sensei’s lessons are some of the most easy-to-understand and thorough explanations that I have ever seen. For every lesson, images with example sentences/scenarios are the first thing you see. Lessons feature a breakdown of  a plethora of example sentences, and readers may even post questions at the end to have answered by the author.

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Who can benefit from this site

Any and everyone can benefit from using this wonderful and free resource. Over time, the site has been updated to include hundreds (and maybe thousands?) of grammar points, including many from the JLPT.

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