It’s official!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I have officially registered to take the JLPT in December of this year. That means that, as of the day that I am writing this post, I have 78 days left to prepare. Is 78 days enough time though? I mean, I use Japanese weekly- if not daily. That includes speaking, writing, reading, and listening. So, I’m not starting from 0. In fact, I feel very confident that I speak enough Japanese currently to pass N3 with ease. That’s why I chose to prepare for the N2 instead.

Every article or forum that I read about someone who prepared, and every video I watch, says that they used every book in the so-matome or kanzen master series. I honestly think that’s just crazy to study all of those books at once or in the time frame that’s often suggested, unless you’ve got lots of time and self-discipline. Not to mention, there’s no way that I could finish all of those books in 78 days. Not to mention, if I did finish them, I wouldn’t remember what I studied. So… what will I do? Well, for one, I know I need to move taking a practice exam up to #1 priority. That will help me to get a feel for my weaknesses. Once, I’ve done that, I’ll determine what I can and will try to do more of.

Clicking the last button to make my registration official sent a wave of emotions through me, mainly happiness and sadness. For 12 years now, I’ve talked about taking the exam and for the past 2 years I have been at the edge of actually going through with it. I always looked at that exam as an official judgement of my Japanese ability. For nearly 15 years now, I’ve been teaching myself Japanese and I’ve been so proud to call myself “fluent” now. I always pictured that failing the exam would break me by stripping away everything that I had worked for. I decided to overcome the fear by taking the risk and registering to take the 2018 JLPT. If I pass, I pass. If I don’t, well I’ll just take it again. Either way, this exam is just that… an exam. It doesn’t actually prove much because there are plenty of people who pass and can’t do half of what I can in Japanese. Besides, I’d probably fail an English exam too and that’s literally my first language. Lol!

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